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    Wuxi Runxin Printing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Xishan District, close to Hodo Group, only 3km away from Donggang exit of S19 highway, and only 30 minutes to Wuxi East Railway Station and Wuxi Airport. The traffic is very convenient!

    The company professionally produce Rotogravure printing press. The founder devoted himself to rotogravure printing machine technology for 20 years. He led a professional team, with the management concept of creating brand by quality and winning customers by sincerity, he created "Runxin Machinery". Merging advanced technology and mature experience at home and abroad, and constantly innovating independently, with reliable performance, perfect service and intimate technical support, as well as the advantages of economic and practical , Runxin Machinery has won the praise of customers.

    Runxin Machinery always believes that quality is the core of every machine, good service for every user, establish a good reputation, which can achieve the famous brand of printing machinery. The company is willing to work hand in hand with all others, develop and establish long-term stable cooperative relations. Warmly welcome all friends to come to care and guide us, and create a brilliant future together.

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